Why is a Black Beauty Queen Never Good Enough?

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Why is a Black Beauty Queen Never Good Enough?

Can I be honest with you all?

Today, I have felt pure disgust for the online pageant community. For those of you who don’t know, yesterday was the 2019 Miss USA pageant. Although this is not the system that I am competing in, it is still a fun event to watch and support as a lover of pageants. Leading up to this night I had been keeping up with the various contestants, watching Instagram stories, and making my top picks for the crown based off the preliminary competition and what I saw on social media. Last night, Chelsie Kryst, a (part) black woman from North Carolina won the crown.

Currently residing in NC, I was already familiar with Chelsie, her work in the community and honestly, she was a great inspiration and a role model. Although she wasn’t in my top list of girls before the start of the pageant, I agreed with the judges that she indisputably gave the best well rounded performance during the pageant, especially through her finals rounds of questions and answers. As a lawyer, she spoke eloquently, and ultimately won herself the crown.

This made her the 3rd of the current black pageant queen trilogy between Miss America, Miss USA, and Miss Teen USA (what a time to be alive!) However, the internet’s backlash to her win has deeply upset me. Because she was not a stand out contestant on social media, to SOME and frankly because she is BLACK, there have been so many negative comments about how she does not deserve the crown.

Heavily followed pageant Instagram pages have hash-tagged that Miss USA is becoming an “Interview Competition,” insinuating that is the only reason she won the crown. This is upsetting to me because I see pageants as the ultimate representation of beauty and brains.


Pageants should be a public platform for educated, accomplished, and beautiful women, for young girls to aspire to. Without the education, without the accomplishments... we are solely left with beauty. No young girl should solely aspire to be beautiful. Learning about the contestant backgrounds and achievements make them unique and relatable. I do not believe these traditional pageant fans want a cookie cutter beauty queen with no substance, they just don’t want their queen to be black.

I am proud of these pageantry organizations for providing healthy and aspiring representation of today’s woman. Having depth beyond their beauty gives the younger generations something to aspire to, it gives young girls motivation and and makes an impact far greater than a beauty pageant could.

I send my love and admiration to Chelsie as she embraces this amazing accomplishment, without internalizing the biased hatred she’s receiving online.

I cannot lie, this makes me nervous to continue my quest for the crown, seeing that there is no right that a black woman can do. I found myself asking after every negative comment that I read: Why is a Black Beauty Queen Never Good Enough? Nevertheless, I will prevail with the hopes that through the work and diligence of the Black Queen Trilogy, that more pageant fans will be open minded to their queens truly being both, Beauty and Brains (and black).

Thank you for reading!

Love and light,

xoxo Barbie 

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  • Tammie

    Barbie dint get discouraged keep your faith and stay strong. You were highly chosen by God. We are living in such terrible times and people are extremely rude and nasty for no reason. God is our anchor and he will fight our battles. Love you girl keep going and don’t look back. What’s for you is in front of you. Thanks for sharing a great blog. 😘😍🥰🌺💚🌷🙏👑

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