About Beauty and Brains Apparel


Brelynn Hunt's infamous life mantra Beauty and Brains stemmed from her objecting the theories and negative assumptions about her academic potential, based on her girly, and fashionable outward appearance. Determined to work against this stigma placed upon her, Brelynn branded herself as a young woman successful in both her academia, and her passion for beauty and fashion. Knowing that she was not alone in facing this discrimination, she has formed a group of like minded beauties who have similar experiences of being overlooked, doubted, or discouraged during their journey of higher education, business management, entrepreneurship, and more. As a Master of Physiology, Brelynn created the Beauty and Brains Apparel Line to provide fashion and community for college, graduate and professional students alike who dominate in the classroom and beyond!
Beauty and Brains is an empowerment lifestyle brand, community and movement!
This is safe space to be your authentic self, receive inspiration and to connect with a community of like minded people around the world, as we choose to define ourselves, beyond our outward appearances.
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