About the CEO


I am Beauty AND Brains.

Documenting my road to medicine, I lead by example and showcase how I’ve redesigned the stigma of women in higher education.

A recent graduate located in the metro D.C. area, I am a Master of Physiology and a Spelman College graduate! A future physician, YouTuber, business owner, style icon and pageant queen, I balance glitz glam with my real and raw Pre-Med experiences as a lifestyle vlogger on my channel “BeautyandBrains5”.

My unique journey began when I chose Spelman College in 2014 and has continued on through me receiving my Masters in Physiology.

With over 43,000 subscribers and more than 5 million views in total, it is clear that a community for women embracing their many facets is needed and well received. 

From motivational speaking and mentorship, to fashion, hair and pageantry, choosing to follow me is the choice to join a community that will both accept and encourage you, to fully be, whoever you truly are.

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