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Today, I have felt pure disgust for the online pageant community...

...I see pageants as the ultimate representation of beauty and brains. A public platform of educated, accomplished, and beautiful women created for young girls to aspire to. Without the education, without the accomplishments... we are solely left with beauty. No young girl should solely aspire to be beautiful.

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THANK YOU to everyone who purchased an item from this or any of the Beauty and Brains Apparel collections.

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In comparison to holidays like Valentine’s Day when you need a significant other, or Christmas and Thanksgiving when you need family to celebrate, New Years is a holiday where you can reflect on yourself, your growth from the past year, and your new goals. As an individual who is super conscious about my personal growth, I find the New Years holiday to be helpful for me to evaluate the things that went wrong and or went well in the past year in order for me to improve in the future. I love the refreshing air of new beginnings that circle in the atmosphere at the end of December. It makes anything seem possible. It closes old doors, and starts a new chapter with blank pages free for you to write to your heart’s desire in the book of life.

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Everyday between Thanksgiving and Christmas makes me cringe with discomfort and leaves me holding my breath until the New Year is underway. Even though this is the time when everyone is supposed to be the most thankful, and spread the most love and cheer, the picture perfect image of the holidays is an untouchable nightmare that haunts the hopes and dreams of a broken family girl (or guy).

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Wow. So here we are. I finally did it! I am still in such amazement because if you are reading the words I'm typing, that means that my Beauty and Brains Apparel line is live! *Ahhhhhh*  I just want to take this opportunity to thank all of my subscribers on YouTube, and supporters on my other social sites for encouraging me to go beyond my comfort zone to create the brand for the enjoyment of boys and girls alike.  Here is what you can expect on the Beauty and Brains Blog: a whole lotta me. Raw. Unfiltered. Babbling. Me. This...

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